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New Rochelle, New York is a city located on the North Westchester and Long Island Sound regions of New York State. This city is situated on the eastern bank of Jamaica Bay and is just north of Manhattan. This city is a major financial centre of New York State and is located close to both Connecticut and Rhode Island. New Rochelle has a population of about 17,500, making it one of the largest cities in the county of New York.

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The name of New Rochelle comes from a Dutch colony that occupied the city of New Amsterdam for over a hundred years. During this time the city was known as New Rogel. There are many different historical sites located in this part of New York State. One of these sites is the City Island and is actually the second oldest island in New York Harbor and is also called New London. Another historic site is the old Dutch fort, which has a museum inside and was a part of the settlement for over a hundred years. Another great history site is the City Island Museum. This museum is also a great place for those who love history.


Many of the historical sites in New Rochelle are open to the public, so you do not have to worry about being restricted by an arranged tour. New Rochelle has many parks that you can visit. There are also several museums that you can visit and there is a variety of other recreational activities that you can take part in. If you want a great night out, then there are many pubs, clubs and restaurants that offer entertainment for adults and children alike. One of the most popular bars in New Rochelle is the Roxy. There are many restaurants and shopping malls that you can go to while visiting the city. There is plenty of great things to do and see if you are looking for something different to do while you are in New Rochelle.