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New Rochelle, NY is the fastest growing area in Westchester County. In 2020, this town had a total population of 77,046, making it the sixth-largest town in the county. The population has been steadily increasing for the past five decades and is expected to continue to grow throughout the decade. This town has one of the best quality schools in Westchester County. It has also established a strong reputation for being a safe place to live for families. Many people go to New Rochelle to work, and this is why the town continues to grow each year.

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New Rochelle is an exciting town in which to live. There are many different activities for adults, children, and teens to enjoy. There are plenty of restaurants to choose from. There are also lots of great entertainment centers to go to. There are many great places that people can shop in New Rochelle.
The town has a great neighborhood. It has a vibrant business community that is thriving. It is important that residents of the town have good schools. New Rochelle does provide quality schools for its residents. There are so many options in New Rochelle that it is easy to see why the town continues to be a popular place to live.